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Updated 26 February 2020


Here you will find a small selection of my images/designs, a few paintings and some goldsmithing.

I will gradually be adding a few examples of work done throughout my 55 years as a Metalsmith.

Don't expect too much "new" work, as I really retired from metalsmithing about fourteen years ago !


Believe me, there is a life away from the bench!

Please note: All images and designs are the © copyright of Neil Aird.

(except where noted)

You may use any of my art images for your own pleasure or educational purposes/class projects etc.,
please give due credit if used elsewhere. If you are a student, study hard and above all have fun doing that!

For commercial use, please contact the artist
by sending an e-mail to: nca "at" dhc-2.com
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"Al Can" Neil Aird © 1983


"Forty-One" Neil Aird © 1989

Above: This project completed September 8th, 2001.
A "Sunflower" brooch.
Hand fabricated in 925 & 999 Silver and 999 fine Gold.


"Back-Burner" © Neil Aird
Sketch: "October 9th" Neil Aird © 2003
"Tourmaline Twist" Neil Aird ©
"Denali Denizen"
Click here to "follow the brush" This one is enjoying a stay at Gatineau, Québec. Vintage Wings Canada currently has it in their fine library.

Finally finished "Jetsam" before I left for New Zealand and Australia!

You can follow the progress on this one as well - "The Jetsam Journal"

No more painting for a while - just too many other interests at this point in time. I do have two I want to tackle one day however ;-)

If you can support our friend Dr. Preger

and his Calcutta Rescue organization in any way,

that would be wonderful.

YouTube Link

What a remarkable gentleman he is.

Danielle founded a Registered Charity

Calcutta Rescue Canada

Her current project can be seen here - click on the link.

New slide show & video The India Connection


Danielle's book is available here.

Just send an e-mail to

danielleaird "at" yahoo.com

A great gift, wonderful read, super wife!
All profits go to support Calcutta Rescue !!
Cover: Designed by Anthony Aird. © Photos by Danielle.
Printed and bound in Kingston by Digi Graphics.
Another Event: Launched a website on the de Havilland Canada DHC-3 Otter with some colleagues in December 2015. Already proving very popular indeed.

Recent travels: Went to Washington State and West Coast of Vancouver Island in July 2015, with my wife Danielle. We were guests of Beaver Owners and Pilots Association (BOPA). Some exciting flying in Seaplane DHC-2 Beavers, and we enjoyed great company.

Past Events: Commenced a new web site in early 2012 - TwinOtterArchive.com with two collegues to honour our mutual friend, Mike Ody. It has been very well received by the DHC-6 Twin Otter community, and I think Mike would be happy with the product.

Spent a very pleasant 19 days in Europe in June and July, 2011. Attended a couple of Seaplane venues, one was the Seaplane Pilots Association - Switzerland event on Lake Brienze at Bönigen, Switzerland, and the other, the Scalaria Spectacle on Wolfgangsee at Sankt / Saint Wolfgang in Austria. Great people, great fun, especially flying through the Alps in a DHC-2 Beaver. Managed to meet up with some special friends in London and Amsterdam as well.

I went "down-under" again in October / November of 2010. This time to New Zealand and also the "other" island. Attended an Aviation event at Gisborne, on the North Island. My presence was "requested" . . . Got to fly a Beaver in OZ and went for a "fly" in several very interesting aircraft. My second visit to Australia - what an awesome country and people.

On February 5th I was keynote speaker at the AGM of the YYZ Airport Watch at Toronto Airport where I chatted about the NZ Sector the above trip.

Really Old News: I delivered a lecture to the Canadian Aviation Historical Society on May 25th, 2007, at the DHC-2 Symposium as part of the 60th Anniversary celebrations of the first flight of the de Havilland DHC-2 Beaver. I then travelled across Canada from Kingston, Ontario, to Victoria, British Columbia, 4,455 kilometers in a brand new de Havilland DHC-2 Mk III Turbo Beaver named "Olivia".

What a great ride!

Also gave presentations to the CAHS Chapters in Montréal, Kingston and Ottawa.

Ancient News: "The Immortal Beaver" aired on Tuesday 20th May 2008 at 21:00 EDT/PDT on History Television Canada and again on Saturday 24th May 2008 at 20:00 EDT/PDT on the same channel. Only in Canada this time. Still being re-run on History, October 2008. Canada Day 2009, Christmas Day 2009 etc.

Harrison Ford co-starring with yours truly ;-) You can send me an e-mail if you want one.

The DVD is available details here Or you can send me an e-mail if you want one, as I have a few for sale. nca "at" DHC-2.com

A major expanded DVD was to be produced in 2013. (Don't think this will happen - Producers on to other thing$)

"Misty Mission" Neil Aird © 2003
Bread and Butter work.
Exhibition Work.
Archived work, some interesting oldies. Here is "Kyoto" a favourite brooch from 1984
Limited Edition Prints available, framed or unframed.
Click on image below.

" Flotsam " Completed in 2001

I have started back on "Jetsam" August 2010 after a two year hiatus ;-)

Brooch " Borrowed Scenery " presented graphically by my son Anthony Aird

"Rainscape" a tiny brooch with stamped niobium "ocean view with rain" as photographed by Derek Cooper - always fun to see how others "see" your work. Thanks Derek.

The Website contents at a glance. Click on a title or image to see the appropriate page. Still adding more "oldies" because no "newies" !

Link to www.dhc-2.com also by Neil,
his very successful web-site, but only go there if you
really like bush planes . . click on the Logo below ! You can see now that his "passion" has always been beyond jewelley, silversmithing and painting!

Over unique visitors have been there before you. Yikes!
An average of 350 visitors per day from all over the world.

3rd project below - as if two were not enough! 92,300 visitors since launch.

Twin Otter Archive - Over 244,275 visitors already.

Logos: © Anthony Aird

For information on active Canadian Metalsmiths

Support The Glasgow School of Art Campaign !

The finest Art School in my humble opinion ;-)

I'd go back tomorrow!

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